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Charming Spice Restaurant: It was Hot.

Two of my friends came up to me and asked, do you like spicy food? I said yes I love it so they said we’ll take you to a Chinese restaurant where you should not go if you don’t eat spicy food. So I was all up for it. This place is on Lonsdale street, very close to Melbourne Central. The first thing that I noticed on entering the restaurant was the smell of chilli in the air.

I was surprised by the size of the place. The restaurant was really roomy and the decor was really nice. They have a special lunch menu that you can choose from. All the dishes are spicy soup with meat and come with a bowl of rice and a glass of plum juice. I was told that the plum juice is for soothing your stomach after you eat the amount of chilli that you are going to eat, to be honest, I was happy at the end that I had that plum juice with me.

I ordered chicken giblets in my spicy soup. It was a GIANT bowl of soup with lots and lots of chicken giblets in it. I could see a huge amount of chilli oil floating on top of the bowl. When I had the first bit it was both satisfying and terrifying. It was so hot that my mouth felt like it was on fire for a moment, but at the same time, the flavor was so rich that I wanted to taste more of the soup. That kept happening almost till the end.

I had never had giblets before so I wanted to try them. The texture was really interesting. It was chewy and had a different taste to what chicken has. If someone had not told me that they come from the chicken I would have never known that from the taste. My friends had beef in their soup which was really really soft. When I mixed the rice with the soup, it gave an amazing texture and flavor and I could not stop eating. It was good to have that Plum juice saved for the end as it helped soothe a lot of burning sensation.

The size of the bowl was really big and I didn’t think that I will be able to finish it but I did and it felt like an achievement. If you like eating spicy then I will surely recommend that you go to this place and try their soup.

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