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Fat Boy Street Eatery: Pad Thai to the rescue.

I was on Chapel Street on Sunday afternoon and was craving for Pad Thai noodles. I searched around on google and found this place nearest to me. Fat Boy Eatery is a nice place in Windsor that served the Pad Thai exactly the way I wanted to satisfy my craving for it.

The interior is nice and quite on a Sunday morning as contrary to what it might be on the previous night. There are windows all around the restaurant so there is a nice bit of sunlight that comes in. The interior of the place is quite nice. They have an open kitchen so you can see your dish being prepared if you want to. The service was very good as well. There was only one host that day so it was a bit slow but it was understandable as she had to multitask between being on the cash counter and serve the dishes to the customers.

Pad Thai

Now the food, I ordered a Chicken and Prawn Pad Thai noodles and a Prawn Laksa. Pad Thai noodles were exactly the way I wanted them. I went to this place only to have Pad Thai and I was not disappointed at all. They were really nice. The flavor perfect, the noodles were perfectly cooked and the chicken and prawn had a really nice flavor as well. They had added a lot of bean sprouts on top of the dish which hides the actual heroes of the dish from the photos. I really liked the texture and the taste of Pad Thai noodles and would recommend it to other people to try as well.

Prawn Laksa

The second dish was Prawn Laksa. This dish was a bit disappointing as compared to Pad Thai. First, they forgot the order and brought it after I was finished with the Pad Thai. Second, the noodles in the Laksa were very chewy and did not feel fresh at all. The vegetables in the laksa did not feel fresh as well. At last, the amount of Prawns in the Laksa was too less. They did not add to the flavor of the laksa soup. The most prominent flavor of the soup was from coconut milk and nothing from the meat. I think this dish can be improved a lot which will change my thoughts about this restaurant.

All in all, It is a nice restaurant if you are in the neighborhood and want to try Thai food, but I would not expect anything extraordinary in terms of flavor from them. I would definitely recommend their Pad Thai but in my opinion, they need to make some improvements in the flavor of their soup.

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