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Hakata Gensuke Ramen Professional

I had been to Hakata Gensuke ramen in the city and loved it but I never knew that they have a restaurant in Hawthorn as well. I went in there to try out their ramen was impressed with their epic soup.

Hakata Gensuke Ramen Professional is located almost at the end of Glenferrie road. They have a very simple menu. There only 5 noodle soups that you choose from and you can add condiments on top of each soup. There are some side dishes as well which you can get. I ordered a Signature Tonkotsu and an AKA Tonkotsu.

Tonkotsu is a broth made with pork meat. Signature Tonkotsu was plain broth with homemade thin noodles, black fungus, spring onions, and pork meat. The best part of this dish was the soup. It was full of meaty flavor and had a very earthy texture. It was one of the most satisfying soups that I’ve had. The noodles were very nice as well. I could feel that the noodles were freshly made. They had an amazing texture. But the quantity of meat in the dish was very less. There was only one slice of the pork meat in the bowl. Other than that everything in the dish was brilliant.

AKA Tonkotsu was similar to the signature one but it had spicy paste added into it. It was the spicier version of the signature Tonkotsu. I preferred the signature Tonkotsu over AKA Tonkotsu because of the intense flavors of the soup.

I really liked this place and would definitely recommend it to everyone who would like to try Japanese food.

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