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Jaidieo Thai Cuisine: One of the best Thai Restaurants.

If you want to experience real Thai food then this might be the place for you. The flavors were very authentic and took me back to the streets of Bangkok.

Jaidieo Thai is located in Carlton on Rathdowne Street. The interior of the restaurant is very unique and beautiful. There are beautiful paintings on the walls. The staff was very friendly and smiling all the time. I ordered a Tom Yum Soup with Chicken ($8.90), Gaeng Dang (Red curry) with Chicken ($16.90), Kao Pad Bai Gra Pao (Fried Rice) Chicken ($14.90), Roti with Satay Sauce ($5.90). I used Zomato Gold so my fried chicken was complimentary.

Roti was shaped into cones and was presented beautifully with the satay sauce. I really liked the sauce. It had an awesome flavor from the peanuts. The roti was crispy and soft at the same time, it had a great texture and I really liked it.

Tom Yum soup can be ordered as a soup or as a curry and I went with the soup. The flavor of the tom yum was perfect. It was tangy from the fresh tomatoes in it and flavorful from all the spices added to the soup. It has coriander, lemongrass and many more herbs and spices which made this soup one of the best ones I’ve had.

Gaeng Dang was the Thai red curry with chicken. The curry was delicious. It stood out from any other red curry because of its creaminess. The coconut milk was used amazingly well to add the flavor as well as the creaminess to the dish. Thai spices were used to perfection in this dish as well. Basil was added into the curry which added a lot of boost to the flavors in this curry. There was pumpkin, zucchini, beans added to the curry alongside the chicken. All the elements added different textures to the dish.

The first bite of the fried rice was a flavor explosion in my mouth. It took me straight back to the streets of Bangkok. It smelled and tasted like something you would stand in a queue outside a restaurant for a long time in Bangkok. Basil did the trick in the rice as well. There were so many elements in this dish that I absolutely loved. The texture was brilliant because of so many elements in the dish. There was baby corn, cucumbers, red capsicum, beans, chicken, and a lot of Thai spices. It was a little bit spicy which I liked a lot.

This easily became my favorite Thai restaurant. The food was delicious, the service was awesome and I could not find a single thing that I did not like at the restaurant. So I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants to try out Thai food without going to Thailand.

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