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Maccaroni Trattoria Italiana: Good food Poor Service.

I went to this restaurant as it had been many days that I’d had any Italian food. So I decided to try this place out because of the good reviews and Zomato Gold availability. I would recommend you to get a reservation before going here.

I went in without a reservation on a Monday night and was lucky to get a table. The staff had to divide a table of 4 into 2 tables of 2s to accommodate me. That is probably the only good thing that happened with service that night as It was a disaster after that. More on that later.

I ordered a Scalopinne Al Limone and Spinach Orecchiette with mushroom in a cream sauce which was a special for that night. I also got a Garlic Bread to start with. The Chicken in the Scalopinne was soft and tender. It was covered in Lemon sauce which had great flavor. The only thing that I felt needed improving was the quantity of mushrooms. I thought that mushroom flavor was hidden in the dish and did not come out completely. But other than that this dish was impeccable.


The pasta was cooked brilliantly. It had a great texture and flavor. The mushrooms gave a really nice flavor to the dish. The amount of the cream sauce was just perfect, not overpowering the whole dish and keeping the pasta the hero of the dish at all times. The garlic bread was cooked nicely as well. The texture and flavor were nice to have with the lemon sauce in the Scalopinne.

Garlic Bread

Now about the service, Me and the gentleman next to me had to wait a significant amount of time just to place our order. After a long wait, I got the food on my table but not the Garlic Bread which was a starter. The gentleman next to me ordered a Spaghetti Marinara but got a spaghetti carbonara instead. So a lot of things went wrong in the service department that night. One department where everything was fine was the Kitchen which saved our night from being a disappointment.

I think when you go to a place like this where you are paying $29 for each dish that you have, you expect your experience to be perfect. So everything from food to service should be amazing to have that great experience which was lacking for me. If I only take the food into consideration, this place was amazing, but on the whole, a lot of areas can be improved.

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