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Mister Minh: Serves the best Chicken Pho?

I was introduced to Vietnamese food at Mister Minh when they used to be across the road from where they are now, in a small place and doing deliveries mostly. One day I ordered a chicken pho for myself and I fell in love with the Vietnamese flavors after having that pho. That flavor was so amazing that I had to book a 2 week holiday to Vietnam to find out what more Vietnamese flavors am I missing from my life.

I have had some amazing Vietnamese Pho’s in Melbourne but no one has come close to bringing that nostalgic feeling of being back in Vietnam, the chicken pho from Mister Minh does that to me every time. The restaurant is situated on Bridge road, with a big sign glowing outside. The vibe of the place is quite nice. It has a big kitchen with glass in front so you can see everything that is going on in the kitchen.

I ordered Chicken Spring Rolls, Combination fried rice and a Chicken pho. The spring rolls are crunchy and flavorful. They are served with lettuce, mint and fish sauce. You wrap a spring roll in a lettuce leaf, add a mint, dip it in the fish sauce and then have a bite. You feel the crunch from the lettuce and the spring roll, freshness from the mint, hot and flavorful chicken and on top and most important The FISH SAUCE. Everything mixes together and creates a party in your mouth. You really need to eat it slowly and enjoy every bite of it otherwise you’ll miss out on an amazing experience.

Chicken Spring Rolls

The fried rice is a dish that I’ve had many many times and have always loved it from here. It has little pieces of pork and prawns which give an amazing flavor to the rice. The texture of the rice is really nice as well. I like to add a bit of Sriracha sauce to the rice just to have an extra bit of spicy flavor.

Combination Fried Rice

Now the Chicken Pho. This is easily my favorite dish here, and quite possibly in any restaurant in Melbourne. The flavor of the soup is the best that you’ll ever find, coriander is the one that I feel is the one that gives it a lot of freshness and the extra oomph. The noodles gel amazingly well with the soup, and the chicken is cooked to perfection. When you take a bite of the noodles and the chicken together you can feel that it’s just the right amount of chewiness that you need to feel satisfied. You have to go in there to try this pho.

Chicken Pho

I have recommended this place to many of my friends who have all been really happy with the choice and I will continue to do so. So do they serve best the best chicken pho in Melbourne? There is only one way to find out.

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