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Nong Tang Noodle House: Crispy noodles at its best.

I was hearing a lot of good things about Nong Tang noodle house online so I decided to go there this week, I was impressed with the food that I got to eat here. This place is in a small alley in China Town. The hosts are really nice and polite and will guide you to your table when you enter. They had very calm and soothing instrumental music on when I went there which created a very nice atmosphere inside the restaurant.

They have a big selection of noodles that you can choose from. I decided to have Crispy noodles with stir fry chicken and mushroom and stir fry thick rice noodles with Beef. The service was really good and we had the food on our table quickly.

Crispy Noodles

First, let’s talk about Crispy noodles with chicken and mushroom, they were fantastic. The noodles were really crispy and the noodles that had the stir fry gravy on them were semi crispy, so the texture of the noodles was a mix of crispy and soft. The stir fry chicken and mushroom had amazing flavor and they enhanced the flavor of the noodles to the next level. I am a fan of crispy noodles and these were up there with some of the best crispy noodles that I’ve had.

Rice Noodles with Beef

The second dish was rice noodles with beef, It had a completely different flavor to the stir fry chicken and mushroom. I think it was cooked in oyster sauce which gave it a different flavor. The texture and flavor of the rice noodles were nice and soft. Beef complemented the rice noodles really well in this dish. The feel of each bite was really. I wanted more and more of the rice noodles.

In conclusion, I was really happy that I went there and had that amazing food. Flavor, texture, cooking, ambiance, service everything was just spot on. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone in the mood for an amazing Chinese meal.

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