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Pelicana Chicken: The ultimate Korean Fried Chicken.

I was in CBD and wanted to have Korean Fried chicken tonight. I searched online and the nearest place was Pelicana Chicken and I decided to give it a go, and in the end, I was really happy that I decided to come here because it was the crispiest and spiciest chicken I’ve ever had.

It is located at the end of an alley on Franklin street. The menu on the wall can be a bit confusing as I had to spend some time and ask the host how it all works. So you can order 2 sizes, Full or Half chicken, either original or covered in one of the sauces displayed on the menu. In Half chicken there are almost 8-9 pieces and the full is 18 pieces. I decided to order Half chicken with bone-in Hot Smoky Chilli Sauce.

The Chicken is fried to order so it can take a bit longer to be served. In the meantime, they give you a small bowl of snack to keep you going and a glove to put on your hands if you want to eat the chicken with your hands. There are chopsticks as well but in my opinion, you will miss a lot if you don’t eat with your hands. The chicken is served fresh and hot completely coated in the Hot spicy sauce.

I became a fan of the chicken after the first bite that I had. It was one of the crispiest coatings on the I had ever had and that crispy coating was coated in a Korean spicy sauce which had an amazing flavor. The chicken was cooked beautifully as well. It was juicy and flavorful. The sauce was spicy, smoky and elevated the experience a lot. The chicken was served with coleslaw and radish to dial down the heat a little bit. By the end, there was water coming from my eyes and nose because of the spiciness of the sauce. I cannot even imagine what will be the flavor of the hot devil that they have on their menu.

I really liked this place and would recommend it to anyone who wants to try some Korean fried chicken. They have more flavors that are not spicy so you can give those a go as well.

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