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Pho Roll 62: Vietnamese Flavor Blast.

I am a fan of Vietnamese food and especially a good Pho. It is rare that I say no to an opportunity to go to a Vietnamese restaurant and today was no different. I went to Pho Roll 26 for lunch and was impressed with both, their service and their food.


I ordered a Beef pho and a noodle bowl with chicken. I used my Zomato gold membership so I got one dish complimentary which is awesome. Within a couple of minutes, the food was on our table. I was expecting the noodle bowl to be inclusive of vermicelli, veggies, and, chicken, like it is the case at most of the places, but instead of vermicelli they served it with rice noodles, which turned out to be a good change for me.

Beef Pho
Beef Pho

The main thing to get right in a Pho is the soup, and they had an amazing soup. It was full of flavor, perfect richness and an addition of a little bit of lemon gave it the adequate hit that it needed. In addition to the soup, the noodles were really nice as well. The thickness of the noodles was perfect, they were just the right amount of chewy and complimented the soup really well and raised the level of the dish. The beef was tender and was cooked nicely. I felt that they could have added a little bit more meat to the dish. But overall it was an amazing Pho.

Noodles and Beef

The same noodles were used for the noodle bowl, but in this dish they were cold with the addition of carrot, lettuce, peanuts, and chicken on top of the noodles. For me, the hero of this dish is always the fish sauce. It just changes the flavor altogether. I like to pour all of the fish sauce into the bowl, give it a good mix and let everything get coated with the fish sauce and then enjoy each bite of noodle and meat as if it is my last bite on Earth. I just get lost when I eat it. The same thing happened here, the flavors came out to be amazing, the chicken was cooked beautifully the flavor from the fish sauce just basted in my mouth.

Noodle Bowl with Chicken
Noodle Bowl

I was really pleased with the quality of the food, and on top of that, the guy who served us was always smiling and welcoming, which always enhances your experience. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants to enjoy a good Vietnamese meal.

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