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Red Piggy: A fresh take on Thai flavors.

After reading a lot of good things about this restaurant I decided to try this place out and I am very happy that I did. They have really good food, a beautiful seating area, a rooftop, and friendly staff.

It is located near the corner of Little Bourke Street and Swanston street. You will have to go to the third floor of the building to reach here. The staff was friendly but the service was a bit slow. One thing that you will notice when you enter the seating area is that they don’t have a kitchen there. They have a small service lift in which the food is prepared in the kitchen and then sent to the seating area where it is served to your table.

Pork Belly

The food menu does not have many items but the dishes that they prepared had been well thought out and perfectly cooked. I will prefer less quantity and more quality any day. I ordered Pork belly in BBq sauce and crumbled apple salad, and Thai roast chicken marinated in Thai spices with pickled papaya dipping sauce.

The first thing to notice was that both the dishes looked absolutely wonderful. The pork belly was cooked brilliantly. Every bite was a delight in the mouth. The main thing was the combination of flavors in the dishes. They were Thai flavors but with a little bit of a twist with the crumbled apple salad in the plate with the pork belly. The texture of the dish got very interesting because of that. The barbeque sauce was really nice and the consistency of that sauce was thin which I liked a lot.

The chicken dish had a huge portion. It was half chicken cut up into pieces. The chicken was cooked beautifully. Each and every piece was soft and juicy. In this dish as well there was an element that put it on a different level and it was the tangy pickled papaya dipping sauce. It had vinegar in it and gave the sauce a kick, and that elevated the flavor of the chicken dish on the whole. The salad given with the chicken was similar to the one in the pork dish but the sauce was very different.

All in all, I liked this place a lot. It was different from a lot of Thai places I have been to in Melbourne. They definitely have some interesting stuff going on flavor-wise, that’s why I recommend this restaurant to everyone who wants to try something good and different.

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