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Shanghai dragon dumpling House

I love to have some juicy hot dumplings and I have not found a place that serves better pork dumplings than Shanghai Dragon dumplings. They are the best tasting and the best value for money that I have found till now.

Shanghai dragon dumplings is located on Russel Street, just next to hungry jacks. It has a small seating area and you might need to wait before getting a table as this place is always very busy. I ordered steam pork dumplings, pork dumplings in chili oil soup and Chicken dumplings and Deep-fried chicken with hot chili. Both varieties of pork dumplings cost $9.80 and have 15 dumplings each. That is a huge amount of dumplings for this price.

Pan-Fried Pork Dumplings

The dumplings were made fresh. You can see the dumplings being prepared fresh behind the glass window. The balance of the dumplings was just amazing. The thickness of the dough was perfect. It was just a little thick to give it a little bit of chewy texture. The pork meat was cooked inside the dumplings so it released a lot of meat juices that were trapped inside the dumplings. Every bite of the dumpling was more satisfying than the last one. The flavor of the pork was brilliant and it was cooked to perfection.

Dumplings in chili soup were the same pork dumpling in a soup topped with chili oil. The consistency of the soup was very watery. The flavor of the soup was very comforting. I went to this place on a rainy day and I thought that it was a perfect meal for that kind of weather.

Steamed Pork Dumplings

The chicken dumplings were a surprise for me. When I lifted up the dumplings I could see the meat juices in the dumpling getting ready to explode in my mouth. I loved the tasty chicken in the dumplings. I have never had dumplings with so much juice trapped inside them. It can be a bit hard to eat because of the flowing juices, but let the dumplings cool down a little bit and try to eat a whole dumpling in one bite, then you will experience the goodness of the dumpling.

Deep-Fried Chicken in Hot chili

The deep-fried chicken in hot chili looked beautiful. The dish was almost red with the color of so many chilies on the plate. The chicken was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside and there was a lot of chili in this dish. If you like spicy food then this is for you. But I did not like the chicken pieces in the dish. They were very small and had a bone in them so it was a bit difficult to eat. Flavor-wise this dish was brilliant but overall could have been better if boneless chicken pieces were used.

I love this place and always go there to satisfy my dumpling cravings. I would recommend this place to everyone who wants to have some amazing dumplings.

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