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Shiraaz Fine Indian Cuisine.

A friend recommended this place for a very nice Indian Food experience so I decided to check it out but my experience here was a bit mixed. I liked some dishes and didn’t like some.

This place is located in CBD on William street. The staff was very friendly and courteous and the service was alright. I had to wait a bit longer for the mains than I would have liked. I ordered an Aloo Chana Tikki ($9.5), Malai Kofta (19.5), Kadhai Chicken ($22.5), Keema Naam ($5.5) and Peas Pulao($6.5).

First I got the Aloo Chana Tikki and it was presented nicely. The Tikki came with a sweet Chutney. The Tikki was cooked beautifully. The flavor was very nice and there was just the right amount of spices in the Tikki. The addition of Chana added a very nice flavor and a little nutty texture to the dish which felt very good. The chutney tasted amazing with the Tikki, it was a brilliant way to start off an Indian Meal.

In the mains, I got a Malai Kofta and a Kadhai Chicken. Malai kofta was creamy and had a very mild flavor. There were some spices in the dish but their effect was dialed down by the addition of the cream. The Kofta had a lot of potatoes in it which I did not like very much. The gravy tasted really nice which saved this dish from being a disappointment.

The Kadhai Chicken was full of flavor and spices. There were whole spices used in the Kadhai Chicken and they were giving a beautiful flavor to the dish. The chicken was cooked nicely and it was mixed in a beautiful gravy with capsicum and onions. This dish was also a little bit spicy. I loved the intense flavor of the kadhai Chicken.

The Keema naan that I got was a bit of a disappointment. The meat in the naan didn’t feel fresh. It was dry and didn’t taste very nice. The butter Naan was fresh and soft and was a great accompaniment for the curries. The Peas Pulao was more like rice stir-fried with a few peas which tasted alright but was not even close to an actual pulao.

All in all, it was a mediocre experience. I liked and disliked some elements of their food. Don’t forget to get the benefit of Zomato Gold when you order.

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