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The HOF Downtown: Amazing Sausages.

I went into The HOF Downtown on a Thursday in the early evening. It is a huge place just 2 minutes walk from Batman’s hill tram stop. The restaurant is huge and packed with people having a beer and having a good time. It is right in the middle of the business district so you will find a lot of office people sitting there.

They have outdoor and indoor seating. Although it was a sunny day, I preferred to sit inside and enjoy my meal. The place looked like a proper German restaurant, so sausages were an obvious choice. I ordered a traditional Bratwurst and a Chicken Schnitzel. The service was really nice, everyone who was working there was really friendly and smiling all the time.


The Sausages were served with potato mash, Sauerkraut, pickle and mustard sauce. The flavor and texture of the sausages were amazing. After the first bite, I just wanted to have more and more. Potato mash and Sauerkraut enhanced the overall flavor of the dish really nicely. Do not forget to add mustard sauce to every bite of the sausage that you have because that makes a huge difference (I still feel like going back to have another sausage).

Chicken Schnitzel

Chicken Schnitzel was a traditional one, Fried chicken with chips cabbage salad and Bavarian Mayonaise. It was cooked to perfection. Chicken was juicy and soft on the inside and the outside was a little bit crispy. The crispy texture was provided by the cabbage in the dish. The dish was traditional and simple but the perfect cooking of the chicken took it to the next level.

All in all, I would say that this is a great place to have German food. The interior of the place compliments the place and they have a big selection of Beer for all the beer lovers as well. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who wants to try German food or wants to have an amazing sausage.

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