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Three One 2 One: Innovative food.

I had heard a lot about this restaurant and its innovative dishes but had never gone there to try them myself. Last week I finally tried the burgers and was amazed by the creativity of the chef.

This restaurant is located on the bridge road in Richmond. They have indoor and outdoor seating. I ordered a Calorie overload Burger and a Ramen Burger. The order is placed on the counter. The interior of the restaurant has a modern feel to it. The service is quick and the staff is friendly and attentive.

Calorie Overload

Calorie Overload burger is a beef patty sandwiched between 2 fried chicken pieces. There is bacon, salami, and cheese with the beef patty as well. There is more cheese and Napoli sauce on top of it. This burger completely justifies its name. The chicken was cooked nicely. It was crispy on the outside and soft on the inside. I thought that the beef patty was overcooked and was a bit dry. This burger was extremely heavy and I will suggest not to eat it alone.

Ramen Burger

I loved the Ramen burger. Ramen noodles were made into the shape of burger buns and then fried a little bit. A fried chicken patty, bacon, and pickles were sandwiched between two ramen buns. The noodles were cooked beautifully and had a hint of spices in them. The flavor of the noodles was really good because of the spices. The chicken was nicely cooked as well. It was lovely to have the noodles, chicken, and bacon in one bite. Everything in this burger created a really good combination of flavors and textures.

I really liked that this restaurant is doing a lot of innovative things with food. They had some terrific looking milkshakes as well. I will definitely recommend this place to everyone who wants to try something innovative especially the ramen burger.

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