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Tiba’s Lebanese: Explosion of Flavours.

One night I was driving down Sydney road looking for a new restaurant to try and I stumbled upon a huge and well-lit signboard outside this restaurant. It said Tiba’s Lebanese, through the windows I could see a huge dining space and at the front door, I could see the fresh meat roasting, that’s when I heard my inner calling to go inside and try it out.

As I entered I could feel the casual vibe of the restaurant that I loved, I was asked if I had a reservation, which I did not but still got a table pretty quickly. If you want to take away the food then it is cheaper and if you want to sit and enjoy your meal in the restaurant then the prices are different. During the short walk to my table, I saw huge plates of food which looked beautiful on almost every table that I was passing through, and immediately I wanted to have one of those plates and try it out.

They have made choosing your food very easy. they have designed set menus which give you a lot of elements in one go so that you don’t have to pick and choose. I ordered a Tiba’s House which included two plates, One plate was salads and dips and the other plate was rice and a crazy amount of meat. I have to say that you can order one of these for two people and still leave something on the plate at the end.

Now the flavor, there were more than 10 elements in that dish and all of them had a different and amazing flavor. Because there are so many flavors in your dish it is possible some of them are not to your liking but all of them felt like very traditional flavors which you just do not see anywhere else. First I tried everything by itself and was blown away with almost everything that I tried. My palate got introduced to such intensity of spices and flavors after a long time and it felt good. Then I started mixing stuff and that’s where the fun began. You can use your imagination to put together a bite with the given ingredients and get some great results. I had a spoonful of Hummus, Rice, Lamb, Tabouli and yogurt dip and it was one of the most satisfying spoons of anything I’ve ever had.

Everything was very good but I thought that Falafels could have been better. I think they lacked good seasoning which could have made a big difference, wine leaf was something that I tried for the first time and it was very different. I could not decide whether I like it or not at that time. Tabouli was really fresh and had an amazing flavor. All the salads were very fresh and each one had a different texture which I enjoyed a lot.

Shish Kafta for me made my night. The flavor was perfect, roll it in pita bread, dip it in hummus and have a bite and you will forget everything else and dream about a world full of food with flavors like this. For me this place was awesome. If you want to try out a great mix of meats or you want really good shwarma I would definitely recommend you to check out this place.

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