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While searching for a Vietnamese restaurant in Collingwood I came across this restaurant and decided to try it out. It was a bit different to others that I have been to and I had mixed feelings about Tonkin.

Tonkin is located almost on the corner of Smith Street and Johnson Street in Collingwood. The restaurant looks really nice and is very roomy. The staff was very friendly and polite. The soup in the Pho that they serve is vegan and is made with vegetable broth. So I decided to try the pho with grilled chicken ($14), Bun with pork ($14), Crispy fried chicken wings ($10), and a Fried Chicken Bao ($5). The service was very quick and I got my food pretty quickly on my table.

Fried Chicken Wings

The Chicken wings and Bao were served first. The chicken wings are tossed in sweet soy sauce. I really liked the flavor that the sauce added to the chicken. The chicken was cooked fresh and was juicy. There were fried shallots and spring onions in the dish and they were coated in the sweet soy as well and tasted amazing.
I think Bao was a bit of a disappointment. It was soft and had a very nice texture but there was not enough chicken filling in the bao which was a bit of a letdown.

Pho with Grilled Chicken

The pho looked beautiful and smelled delicious. The chicken tasted really nice and was cooked very nicely. It was juicy and flavorful. The noodles had a very nice texture as well. But the soup was a bit bland and it was definitely lacking that meaty flavor. There were some very nice elements added into the pho like the mushrooms which added beautiful texture to the pho.

Bun with Pork

The bun is a salad bowl with vermicelli and different vegetables added into the bowl. I the bun with pork. Nuoc Cham is always served with the Bun which is a sauce made with fish sauce and it adds a lot of flavor to the Bun. They had a vegan Bun which I think was almost the same as non-vegan ones that I’ve had. Everything was fresh in the bowl and tasted really nice. The meat tasted really nice and added a beautiful flavor and texture to the dish.

Overall my experience was nice but I think that the pho needed a lot more flavor. This place is really awesome for vegetarians and vegans. I would definitely recommend this place if you want to try some vegetarian Vietnamese food.

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