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Waffle On

Degraves Street is one of my favorite streets in Melbourne. Tucked into a corner of that street is Waffle on. They serve Belgian waffles and French Baguettes. The Baguette is absolutely huge and filled with meat of your choosing. Waffles are soft and tasty and mine was covered in hot chocolate so it was extra delicious.

This place is located in degraves street and is separate from the rest of the shops. You will find a tunnel to flinder street station from degraves street and at the entrance of the tunnel is this place. The staff was lovely and jolly. I ordered a waffle with hot chocolate and a Le Classic with Ham.

I loved the Baguette. It was a long piece of bread filled with a very generous amount of Ham and butter. The bread was fresh and had a really nice and soft texture. There was an even distribution of ham in the baguette so every bite that I took was filled with meat and bread.

The waffle was not cooked fresh but was reheated. It was soft and sweet and I had the hot chocolate coating on top which made it extra tasty but it was had to not make a mess. I had chocolate all over me by the time I was finished with the waffle. 😀

It is a nice place to have a really good baguettes on the go. If you are walking around in Melbourne then you should go to degraves street and enjoy the fell of the street with a nice french baguette.

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